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Fr. Fleury, The Manners of the Israelites 10.00EUR
Fr. Fleury, The Manners of the Israelites
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The Manners Of The Israelites, Wherein Is Seen The Model Of A Plain And Honest Policy For The Government Of States, And Of Reformation Of Manners. By Mr Fleury, Priest. – Paperback. 240 pages. – 10 €


“The book of the Manners of the Israelites, composed with great method and accuracy by Mr Fleury, Priest of the Diocese of Paris, will give an idea of a manner of life, simple, innocent, regular, an enemy to idleness and effeminacy, tranquil, though active, and ever holily employed; by which private persons may become useful to themselves, their family and country. This work prepares the way to another, wherein the author will explain the still more pure Manners of the Christians. It will be seen of what an advantage to being taught the Laws of God has been towards raising us and our forefathers above all the nations of the earth. Everything in this work tends to edification, and serves to illustrate the Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Faith, and the Doctrine of Manners. After a careful examination, such is the testimony we bear to this work.” J. B. BOSSUET, Bishop of Meaux.


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Fr. Fleury, The Manners of the Israelites
Fr. Fleury, The Manners of the Israelites